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Raw Bitter Apricot Kernels/Seeds

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Product Description

Raw Bitter Apricot Kernels/Seeds

1.Product description

Bitter Apricot trees are planted widely in the low mountains areas and hilly areas, main production areas are located in North, Northeast and Northwest in China. 

We use high-quality wild bitter Apricot pits as raw material from Northeast Area in China. After Apricot Pit Crushing Process and Color Sorting Process, the apricot kernels are uniformed in color and size and fully keep the original flavor. 

2.Product Specification

Test itemResult
Content of Bitter Apricot Kernel100%
Broken Kernels3 % MAX
Impurities ( Unshelled kernels, shell):0.5% MAX
Moisture (g/100g)6 % MAX
Shrivelled Kernels1 % MAX
Visible Insect damage after blanching1% MAX
Visible rot and mould after blanching1% MAX
Light brown discoloured kernels or  
kernels with brown spots visibleafter blanching
2 % MAX
Aflatoxin (ug/kg)
B1< 2 PPB
B1+ B2+G1+G2 (TOTAL)< 4 PPB


Packaging StyleResult
Woven bag25KG per woven bag
850kg per woven bag
1 ton per woven bag
Gunny bag50 kg per gunny bag,
OthersDifferent packaging options are available upon customers'request

4.MOQ and Delivery Time

Container sizePacking detailsDelivery time
20'FCL18tons per 20'GP (25KG per woven bag, 50 kg per gunny bag)10 days
17tons per 20'GP (850kg per woven bag)
40'FCL20tons per 40'GP (1 ton per woven bag)12 days

5. Application

Our bitter Apricot Kernels are widely applied to Apicot Kernel meal ,Blanched Apricot Kernel, Blanched Debittered Apricot Kernels and Medicine Extraction (amygdalin )etc..

Dorison Dong