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Raw Sweet Apricot Kernels (Longwang)

Product Description

Raw Sweet Apricot Kernels/Seeds (Longwang)  

1.Product description

Raw Sweet Apricot Kernels (Longwang) is Chinese famous sweet apricot kernel. The weight of each Longwang sweet apricot kernel is 0.83-0.9g, each kilogram includes 1300-1500 apricot kernels. Meantime , it is the biggest one among the Chinese apricot kernels.

Raw Sweet Apricot Kernels (Longwang) contains highly Vitamin,Protein, iron and Calcium and other trace minerals, so sweet apricot kernels is helpful for human health.


2.Product specification

Test itemResult
Content of sweet apricot kernel100%
Apricot kernel Size1300-1500pcs/kg
Impurities (Unshelled kernels, shell):≤0.5%
Moisture≤6 g/100g
B1< 2μg/kg(PPB)
B1+ B2+G1+G2 (TOTAL)< 4 μg/kg(PPB)

3. Packaging

Packaging StyleResult
Woven bag25KG per woven bag
850kg per woven bag
1 ton per woven bag
Gunny bag50 kg per gunny bag,
OthersDifferent packaging options are available upon customers'request

4.MOQ and delivery time

Container sizePacking detailsDelivery time
20'FCL18tons per 20'GP (25KG per woven bag, 50 kg per gunny bag)10 days
17tons per 20'GP (850kg per wovenbag)
40'FCL20tons per 40'GP (1 ton per woven bag)12 days

5. Application

Recently, Raw Sweet Apricot Kernels (Longwang) gradually replaced California Almond in Baked industry, dried roasted apricot kernel seeds and nuts, apricot kernel byproducts and other food industry.

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